Welcome to CPT Acoustics and your first step on the path to audio enlightenment.

With over 15 years experiance in design and modifcation of audio equipment, CPT Acoustics Ltd provides a cost effective service to upgrade your existing components to unprecidented levels of performance.

We're not just another re-clock service for CD players, we can take virtually any component and re-engineer it from the ground up. This includes CD, SACD, DVD and Blue-Ray players & transports, DAC's, phono stages, pre-power & integrated amplifiers, active filters and loudspeakers. We can also upgrade pro-audio equipment from guitar amplifiers to mixing consoles.

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  • Beat the credit crunch and be friendly to the enviroment: It's true! for many years those in the know have been upgrading instead of buying new equipment because they have learned just how much potential their existing components have to offer, but while many also appreciate just how much value for money the process offers, few have stopped to think how much better this is for the enviroment too.
  • New lower price for the Contenza Interconnect Cable: If you have not yet tried the Contenza cables for yourself, there has never been a better time. Not only can you try them for 14 days and return them for a full refund if you are not entirely satisfied, but they are now, for a limited time only, at reduced price of just £49.95. (previously £89.99)
  • We now accept PAYPAL: You may now pay for any transaction via Paypal, this enables you to use all major credit and debit cards as well as spending those funds you have accumulated from selling unwanted items on e-bay.
  • Two new Master Oscillator Modules launched: The Tock-Lite and Tock-Advance are two re-clocking modules for disc players & transports. These share a new design approach and are point to point wired to eliminate degradation of performance caused by stray capacatance inherent in the use of printed circuit boards (just ask any valve amp designer of the benifits of P to P wiring) The components are then shielded from RF and potted in an inert compound to make them both thermally stable and resistant to the effects of external vibration.



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